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Re: Autoinstall, upgrade, etc

First of all, I think we are using the "auto flag" in different ways! 

I now believe that what you mean by the "auto flag" is a flag that is
set if a package was auto-installed.

I was taking the "auto flag" to be meaning that a package could be

I think I now understand the confusion we are having in this
conversation!  8)

Sorry, my fault.

Jason Gunthorpe wrote:
> Okay, read the bit below this then read this :> There needs to be a way to
> enable the auto flag for a package that is already installed. Which is
> what I was trying to say, this is because of the below. We could have an
> algorithm that sets it, but it would have to be a 'I just installed deity,
> let me do this now' type of thing and not automatic.

Personally  I would treat all existing package as having been manually
installed.  Perhaps we can give the user the facility to mark them as
having been auto installed (which of course is probably what you were
saying previously, but I missed it, sorry).

> Oh, I just thought of something, when I a package to see it's depends list
> will packages only matching the selection critera be shown or will all
> packages be shown? A similar question for the 'install as well' field.

If I understand your question correctly, the keywords only affect the
selection list.  If a package is to be "installed as well", whether or
not it is in the selection list is irrelavent.  It should be shown in
the "installed as well" column.

(I don't know if I answered the first part of your question, but that's
because I don't think I understood the first part of your question!  8)

> > The way I was thinking about it is that all packages are always on
> > "auto".  The confirmation phase of the install process makes sure you
> > don't shoot yourself in the foot.
> Ah, well I can't do that. Consider if the package 'gv' was set to auto.
> Nothing depends on gv so therefore it is no longer in use and should be
> removed. If all packages are auto then all packages will be removed. There
> has to be some non-auto packges depending on the auto packages to force
> everything to stay installed!

Whoops!  This is because we are each thinking of "auto" differently.  By
your definition of the auto flag, yes, everything would, of course,
default to having their "auto flag" cleared.

> If you want all packages to be auto then you are going to have to change
> my definitions of auto.. (I can't think of something workable right now
> however)

Well, since I have clued into your definition of "auto flag", I probably
don't have to "change  your definitions of auto".  8)

I was just starting to think that there might be a way to pull a package
out of the auto update system completely, but perhaps it's not such a
good idea.  Forget I mentioned it.  8)



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