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Autoinstall, upgrade, etc


When should Deity decide that a package is going to be automatically
installed? (Section 1.7) I was originally thinking this would be done
after the user selects the 'go' button.

However if that is the case then how does suggests/recommends work?  You
said the user would be able to select 'auto install' for suggests and
recommends but if all the processing is done after the 'go' button then
will suggests and recommends for all packages be automatically installed? 
Or will suggests and recommends take effect for only the packages being
newly installed?

I thought we were going to advoid the dselect route of prompting each time
you install a package which is why I am thinking everything is done on the
press of the go button.

Should suggests and recommends appear in the 'install as well' column?
Would you like to colour code package names in the install as well column?
I was thinking at least black for normal and red for remove but perhaps
also green and blue for suggests and recommends?

Also, when the depends list for a package has been expanded how do you
want to show 'or' if at all? 


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