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Re: Autoinstall, upgrade, etc

Jason Gunthorpe wrote:
> Therefore, Install As Well will show any packages that are
>   1) Not installed or marked for install


>   2) Marked for install but have this 'auto' flag (auto remove and was autoselected)

Yes (If I understand what you mean by auto flag).

> But will not show
>   1) Packages marked for install that the user selected

I had not actually specifically considered this situation, but yes, that
would make sense.  It certainly makes things consistant.

>   2) Packages that are already installed (auto or not)


> Also, removing a package may result in other packages immediately and
> automatically being marked for remove by deity (auto).


> We should probably somehow indicate that a package is in automode and to
> set it to automode. When I first start using deity the first thing I would
> do is mark all the installed libraries as auto so it can remove the ones
> I'm not using. I imagine this will go in the status box (?) Also, how
> about a list menu item to show all Auto packages?

This is not quite the way I was thinking it would work.

Remember how keywords are used to show only certain packages in the
selection list?  Effectively, you setup your kerywords such that
libraries are not listed in the selection list.  (e.g. don't select the
"library" keyword).

You are probably right in that a way to show all "auto installed
packages" would not be a bad idea.

> All packages will default to non-auto and only packages explicily set as
> auto by deity will be so.

The way I was thinking about it is that all packages are always on
"auto".  The confirmation phase of the install process makes sure you
don't shoot yourself in the foot.

Perhaps (as you say) there should be a way to take a package off auto in
the status box.  I think we need to make all package auto by default
however.  I wouldn't want to manually make a few hundred packages go
into auto mode.  I think in practice that very few packages will be
taken off auto.



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