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Bug#826187: Fwd: xfce4 second monitor does not wake up after suspend, with kernel 4.5.0-1 or 4.5.0-2 Bug#863499: [Pkg-xfce-devel] Bug#863499: Trash: sort the files/folders by "time of deletion" Bug#870641: light-locker: screen stays black after closing and opening laptop lid Bug#878069: Acknowledgement (lightdm: xdmcp broken) Bug#906269: Happens to me also Bug#921835: marked as done (xfce4-screensaver: wastes CPU while the display is off) Bug#922160: lightdm: Add elogind support Bug#923773: logind sessions are ended immediately after login Bug#924358: Dependency problems with logind | consolekit Bug#924739: xfce4-sensors-plugin: Information lines do not fit the taskbar due to big vertical spacing Bug#925140: xfce4-notifyd: Fatal IO error Bug#925338: xfce4-session: Please support new logind virtual packages Bug#925339: xfce4-power-manager: Please support new logind virtual packages Bug#925561: xfce4-weather-plugin: API Outdated Bug#925935: light-locker: should not run concurrently with xscreensaver Bug#925937: light-locker: makes debian/xfce unusable as server in thin client/X11 environment Bug#925948: marked as done (xfce4-power-manager: Display power management blanking cannot unblank) Bug#925948: xfce4-power-manager: Display power management blanking cannot unblank Processed: tagging 899595 Processed: tagging 899744 Processed: tagging 899749 Processed: tagging 899849 Processed: tagging 899865 Processed: tagging 899912 Processed: tagging 899951 Processed: user, usertagging 923983, found 775385 in 1.26.0-4 ..., found 905516 in 20 ... Processed: your mail Processing of xfce4-screensaver_0.1.4-1~exp1_amd64.changes Processing of xfce4-screensaver_0.1.4-1~exp2_amd64.changes Processing of xfdesktop4_4.13.3-1_source.changes thunar gtk3 deb buster xfce4-screensaver_0.1.4-1~exp1_amd64.changes ACCEPTED into experimental xfce4-screensaver_0.1.4-1~exp2_amd64.changes ACCEPTED into experimental xfdesktop4_4.13.3-1_source.changes ACCEPTED into experimental The last update was on 17:53 GMT Mon Jun 10. There are 36 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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