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Bug#922160: lightdm: Add elogind support

On Fri, 22 Feb 2019 13:59:53 +0000 Mark Hindley <mark@hindley.org.uk> wrote:
> Thanks.
> A further suggestion, now systemd 241-1 has been uploaded to unstable with
> libpam-systemd which provides logind (closing #915407), the dependencies could
> be simplified to
>  logind [linux-any] | consolekit,

This is usually not a good idea, as apt will pick a package at random if
none is installed yet. You should always list a real package or
default-logind first.

That said, I think, Ansgar makes a good point here.
Since you encode specific logind implementations in your pam config, it
would be better to be explicit, i.e. change that to

libpam-systemd | libpam-elogind (and maybe drop | consolekit, as this
package no longer exists in the archive).

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