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Re: Upcoming xorg-server upload

Gerfried Fuchs <rhonda@deb.at> (03/05/2011):
>         Hi, guess we are coming to an end :)


>  Actually I wouldn't want to guess too much what users would or wouldn't
> install here - I've seen too many awkward situations. Situation is that
> the newly created xserver-xorg-dev-helper package for squeeze-backports
> will contain files that are shipped in xserver-xorg-dev in wheezy/sid
> and thus create a file conflict. If someone, for whatever reason
> whatsoever, has installed the xserver-xorg-dev-helper package from
> backports and upgrades, including xserver-xorg-dev, their upgrade will
> break because of the filename conflicts.
>  To avoid that, please include the safety net guided by debian-policy,
> even if the situation might sound crafted to you. It might well be so,
> but better safe than sorry and it doesn't hurt, does it?

In a previous mail of mine, one can see:
|   * Sync from xorg-server 2:1.9.5-1, and make the binary conflict with
|     xserver-xorg-server (>= 2:1.9.4-1), which is where those helpers were
|     first introduced.
| Conflicts:
|  xserver-xorg-dev (>= 2:1.9.4-1),

which already prevents from running into a file conflict (or did I
miss a case which would break?). Not sure it's worth the trouble of
carrying those extra relationships for a whole release cycle just
because somebody somewhere in the world might have installed a package
she doesn't know at all what to do with, and because that person might
need to get a smoother upgrade path. But I'll do that if you feel it's
a must to get those backports in…


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