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Re: Getting the Nouveau driver in Lenny and a half

> No, EXA has been backwards compatible since before xserver 1.1, so the
> drivers should continue working without a rebuild (and also with one).
> > For the second solution, I definitely don't know enough either Xorg or
> > nouveau to know if that would be easy or not.
> It shouldn't be too hard.
That's great news, so we have several possible solutions (which is
good) :

1° Easier but not safer : update the whole Xorg
2° Adapt the nouveau code to be retro-compatible
3° Backport the new EXA interface into Xorg
4° Ship extra EXA bits along with xserver-xorg-video-nouveau

What can be done regarding the Debian policies ? I guess the first
solution won't made it but for the rest...

Michel, are you interested in working on it ? anybody ?

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