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Re: Getting the Nouveau driver in Lenny and a half

> There are other potential options, e.g.
>       * Backport EXA changes required by nouveau to the lenny
>         xserver-xorg-core. This might benefit other drivers as well.
>       * Ship EXA bits required by nouveau as part of
>         xserver-xorg-video-nouveau.
Of course that would be great, but (correct me if I'm wrong) if we do
that (point 1), we will change the EXA Xorg interface, therefore, we
will have to update all X drivers and that will also make a lot of

For the second solution, I definitely don't know enough either Xorg or
nouveau to know if that would be easy or not.

Anyway, getting Nouveau in Lenny and a half doesn't look to be easy but
it would be a great improvement for Nvidia user.

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