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Re: xprt-xprintorg taking over xprt: now or later?

On Tue, Dec 07, 2004 at 11:03:25AM +0300, Nikita V. Youshchenko wrote:
> Tried ever to print non iso8859-1 characters from mozilla?
> It isn't impossible without xprt, but it is really hacky ...

I will *freely* admit to my North American English bias.  I will *also*
freely admit to my bias towards having a working ability to create usable
printed copies of the majority of web pages found today, which Mozilla can
usually do on its own and Xprint (either version) most certainly CAN NOT
without hackery that Joe User is not capable of and should not be expected
to be capable of.

My gods, the thing thinks it needs to know the output resolution of the
printer!  Otherwise you end up with endless stupidities like the problems
that were showing up while the Mozilla maintainer was temporarily insane
and requiring Xprint.  Search the d-u archives for endless descriptions of
Xprint producing huge print, or print that won't fill the page, among other

Postscript exists for a *reason*... we don't need yet another
device-dependent and incompatible way to lay out a page.

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