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Re: PMF license / was: Re: [Xprint] Re: X Strike Force XOrg SVN commit: r19 -inxorg/trunk/debian: . scripts

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Drew Parsons wrote:
|>Since the xprint-org package is anyway maintained outside the xfree86
|>tree AND considering that the whole purpose of these new X.org packages
|>is to split the tree as much as possible, I suggest that we can just
|>stop shipping the xprint code from x.org tree, since there is
|>absolutely no point in shipping it twice and maintaing it twice.
| ...
|>If nobody disagree with me i will start removing it within the next 2
|>or 3 days.
| I've got no particular problems with this, but give it a week or so to let
| Roland or anyone else raise any objections.

Sure, I have no objections.

| I think if we'll agree to remove xprt (X.org) altogether, then it would
| make best sense to rename my version as xprt, and turn xprt-xprintorg into
| a dummy package which depends on the new xprt.

Yes, i agree and i have no objections here either.


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