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Re: [Xprint] Re: X Strike Force XOrg SVN commit: r19 - inxorg/trunk/debian: . scripts

Fabio Massimo Di Nitto wrote:
> Hash: SHA1
> Hi Roland,
> Roland Mainz wrote:
> | X Strike Force SVN Repository Admin wrote:
> |
> |>Author: fabbione
> |
> |>+* Import and adapt debian/scripts/prune-non-free:
> |>+  + update and review debian/copyright file.
> |>+  (note xc/programs/Xserver/XpConfig/C/print/models/SPSPARC2/
> disappeared from
> |>+  upstream)
> |>+    19
> |>+
> |
> | The SPSPARC2 model wasn't removed in the Xorg repository and is still
> | there in DESTDIR after a % make install # ...
> This file was not removed from our Xfree86 tree either, but
> SPSPARC2/fonts is now empty. I will correct the note in the CHANGESET to
> reflect the correct path.

.../SPSPARC2/fonts/ should not be empty. It should contain soft links to
the ../../PSdefault/fonts/ directory where now the font metrics files
(*.pmf) for the 30 default Postscript fonts are stored (the "PSdefault"
printer model-config was added to have one "generic" configuration which
should work for all Postscript printers >= PS Level 2).
Note that the install procedure for these files has changed - previously
(X11 < release X11R6.8.0 and Xfree86) the xc/programs/Xserver/XpConfig/
directory was simply copied to the destination directory, now (X11 >=
release X11R6.8.0) the information and links are generated at % make
install # time - maybe that's the problem...

> |>+  6) The Compugraphic and Adobe fonts distributed as part of the XPrint

s/XPrint/Xprint/ , please :)

> |>+     server are not licensed at all, and some of the fonts bear no
> |>+     copyright information whatsoever.
> |>+
> |>+         All Rights Reserved.
> |>+
> |>+    These font files therefore do not satisfy DFSG 1 ("Free
> |>+    Redistribution"), DFSG 2 ("Source Code"), or DFSG 3 ("Derived
> Works").
> |>+
> |>+
> xc/programs/Xserver/XpConfig/C/print/models/HPDJ1600C/fonts/9nb00051.pmf
> |
> |
> | These files are no fonts, they are font metrics information (and the
> | copyright notice was just copied over from the original font from the
> | converter and does NOT apply to the font metrics files. The converter
> | just preserved all context attributes of the font regardless of their
> | content). The PMF fonts shipped with Xprint _conform_ 100% to the DFSG
> | 1/2/3 specs. This has extensively been discussed in the past.
> Do you have any reference I can lookup please?

It should be archived either in the Debian-X mailinglist or in one of
the xprt-xprintorg package bugs. Drew Parsons may remember the bugid...
my email archive doesn't go that far into the past (I guess that issue
was debated around 2002 or earlier).

The point is that we are talking about the files which contain only
width/height data (=metrics information) for each glphy and _no_ bitmap
or outline data (the PMF files are pretty small - if they would contain
bitmaps rasterizes at 2560DPI you would see GIANT files). The font data
itself, e.g. outlines or bitmaps are copyrightable but the width and
height information does not fall into the category - it would be silly
as everyone who would want to write an application which generates
Postscript code would need an explicit license from Adobe. _If_ Adobe
would have copyrighted the metrics information no opensource application
(Mozilla, Ghostscript, Openoffice, JAVA, etc.) would be able to use one
of the 30 default Postscript fonts defined by Postscript Level 2 as
there would be no way to measure&layout the glyphs (the same applies to
applications which generate PDF files). For example Mozilla ships the
same information stored in the PMF files as part of it's Postscript
print module (see
http://lxr.mozilla.org/mozilla/source/gfx/src/ps/Courier-Bold.h , note
that this source code is under MPL(=Mozilla Public License), the PMF
files in the XOrg tree were donated by HP and Sun under the MIT license)
and noone complained about that since many years (the same data were
used in Netscape 4.x, too).



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