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Re: [Xprint] Re: X Strike Force XOrg SVN commit: r19 - inxorg/trunk/debian: . scripts

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Roland Mainz wrote:

|>| The SPSPARC2 model wasn't removed in the Xorg repository and is still
|>| there in DESTDIR after a % make install # ...
|>This file was not removed from our Xfree86 tree either, but
|>SPSPARC2/fonts is now empty. I will correct the note in the CHANGESET to
|>reflect the correct path.
| .../SPSPARC2/fonts/ should not be empty. It should contain soft links to
| the ../../PSdefault/fonts/ directory where now the font metrics files
| (*.pmf) for the 30 default Postscript fonts are stored (the "PSdefault"
| printer model-config was added to have one "generic" configuration which
| should work for all Postscript printers >= PS Level 2).
| Note that the install procedure for these files has changed - previously
| (X11 < release X11R6.8.0 and Xfree86) the xc/programs/Xserver/XpConfig/
| directory was simply copied to the destination directory, now (X11 >=
| release X11R6.8.0) the information and links are generated at % make
| install # time - maybe that's the problem...

Ok this make sense to me now.

|>|>+  6) The Compugraphic and Adobe fonts distributed as part of the XPrint
| s/XPrint/Xprint/ , please :)

Sure no problem :-)

|>|>+     server are not licensed at all, and some of the fonts bear no
|>|>+     copyright information whatsoever.
|>|>+         All Rights Reserved.
|>|>+    These font files therefore do not satisfy DFSG 1 ("Free
|>|>+    Redistribution"), DFSG 2 ("Source Code"), or DFSG 3 ("Derived
|>| These files are no fonts, they are font metrics information (and the
|>| copyright notice was just copied over from the original font from the
|>| converter and does NOT apply to the font metrics files. The converter
|>| just preserved all context attributes of the font regardless of their
|>| content). The PMF fonts shipped with Xprint _conform_ 100% to the DFSG
|>| 1/2/3 specs. This has extensively been discussed in the past.
|>Do you have any reference I can lookup please?
| It should be archived either in the Debian-X mailinglist or in one of
| the xprt-xprintorg package bugs. Drew Parsons may remember the bugid...
| my email archive doesn't go that far into the past (I guess that issue
| was debated around 2002 or earlier).
| The point is that we are talking about the files which contain only
| width/height data (=metrics information) for each glphy and _no_ bitmap
| or outline data (the PMF files are pretty small - if they would contain
| bitmaps rasterizes at 2560DPI you would see GIANT files). The font data
| itself, e.g. outlines or bitmaps are copyrightable but the width and
| height information does not fall into the category - it would be silly
| as everyone who would want to write an application which generates
| Postscript code would need an explicit license from Adobe. _If_ Adobe
| would have copyrighted the metrics information no opensource application
| (Mozilla, Ghostscript, Openoffice, JAVA, etc.) would be able to use one
| of the 30 default Postscript fonts defined by Postscript Level 2 as
| there would be no way to measure&layout the glyphs (the same applies to
| applications which generate PDF files). For example Mozilla ships the
| same information stored in the PMF files as part of it's Postscript
| print module (see
| http://lxr.mozilla.org/mozilla/source/gfx/src/ps/Courier-Bold.h , note
| that this source code is under MPL(=Mozilla Public License), the PMF
| files in the XOrg tree were donated by HP and Sun under the MIT license)
| and noone complained about that since many years (the same data were
| used in Netscape 4.x, too).

Ok. I think you conviced me. I want to wait for Branden's opinion too
since he was the one creating these copyright notes and scripts for
removal of these files in the first place.


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