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Re: PMF license / was: Re: [Xprint] Re: X Strike Force XOrg SVN commit: r19 -inxorg/trunk/debian: . scripts

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Roland Mainz wrote:

| Again, this does not cover the PMF files. The original files have been
| commited by Hewlett-Packard under the MIT/X Consortium license many many
| years ago (and the files for the Postscript DDX were later refreshed by
| me to fix a minor bug - and I committed them under the same license:
| MIT/X.org). The so-called "copyright" notice in these files is just an
| attribute which informs the application that the attribute "COPYRIGHT"
| has a value. But this value does not relicense the file itself away from
| the MIT/X.org license. That would be the same as "relicesing" this email
| just because it references the string. References or index data of this
| kind cannot be copyrighted, neither in the US nor in Japan nor elsewhere
| in the world.
|>I will try to find this discussion in Debian's list archives
|>if you're interested.
| Sure. It may be possible that Adobe Japan did some tricky stuff with CID
| fonts, but again this doesn't apply to something which has been
| explicitly commited under the MIT/X.org license by the authors.

Since the xprint-org package is anyway maintained outside the xfree86
tree AND considering that the whole purpose of these new X.org packages
is to split the tree as much as possible, I suggest that we can just
stop shipping the xprint code from x.org tree, since there is absolutely
no point in shipping it twice and maintaing it twice.

I am pretty sure that the knowledge that Drew has on this package is far
more deep than the one I have (possibly of other XSF maintainers).
Meaning that his package is imho better qualified to stay where it is.
Also resolving the issue of shipping two conflicting packages that are
supposed to provide and do the same thing.
Merging/re-building the package again from X.org means extra work needs
to be done/redone/reviewed/etc.

If nobody disagree with me i will start removing it within the next 2 or
3 days.


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