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Bug#261915: xlibmesa-gl: Also occurs with flightgear

tor, 26.08.2004 kl. 21.03 skrev Alistair K Phipps:
> It seems likely that the flightgear maintainer is building packages
> with nvidia-glx installed and causing this problem.  Probably the
> SpaceCombat guy is doing that too.

Not sure what problem you're talking about. Looks like you get a
harmless warning without any further issues.

But yes, I have both nvidia-glx-dev and xlibmesa-gl-dev installed when
building stuff. I feel it is the nvidia-glx-dev package's responsibility
to ensure that stuff built against it also works on any other GLX
implementation, such as the DRI (provided by xlibmesa-gl). I don't see
DRI as deserving of a more "canonical" status than any other GLX
implementation, as immature as it still is, so I feel I should be able
to build against any GLX implementation in Debian, even non-free ones,
and have them work on any other GLX implementation in Debian. And thus
the responsibility should either lie with nvidia-glx's maintainer, who
should strive to make things built against it also work with DRI if
necessary (which he seems to have done well so far), or with
xlibmesa-gl's maintainer, who should add versioning.

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