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Bug#261915: xlibmesa-gl: Also occurs with flightgear

On Thu, 2004-08-26 at 21:50 +0200, Ove Kaaven wrote:
> tor, 26.08.2004 kl. 21.03 skrev Alistair K Phipps:
> > It seems likely that the flightgear maintainer is building packages
> > with nvidia-glx installed and causing this problem.  Probably the
> > SpaceCombat guy is doing that too.
> Not sure what problem you're talking about. Looks like you get a
> harmless warning without any further issues.
> But yes, I have both nvidia-glx-dev and xlibmesa-gl-dev installed when
> building stuff. I feel it is the nvidia-glx-dev package's responsibility
> to ensure that stuff built against it also works on any other GLX
> implementation, such as the DRI (provided by xlibmesa-gl). I don't see
> DRI as deserving of a more "canonical" status than any other GLX
> implementation, as immature as it still is, so I feel I should be able
> to build against any GLX implementation in Debian, even non-free ones,
> and have them work on any other GLX implementation in Debian. And thus
> the responsibility should either lie with nvidia-glx's maintainer, who
> should strive to make things built against it also work with DRI if
> necessary (which he seems to have done well so far), or with
> xlibmesa-gl's maintainer, who should add versioning.

Unless the Linux OpenGL ABI requires versioning (which would be news to
me), nVidia's libGL shouldn't cause things built against it to require
it IMHO. And it's a good idea to build any packages you upload to the
archive with something like pbuilder at any rate.

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