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Bug#261915: xlibmesa-gl: Also occurs with flightgear

On Wed, 25 Aug 2004 15:25:32 -0500
Branden Robinson <branden@debian.org> wrote:

> > Were the affected apps built against the libGL provided by nvidia-glx or
> > some other package other than xlibmesa-gl? If so, does the same problem
> > occur if you build them against xlibmesa-gl?

The original submitter was talking about SpaceCombat which I believe
is non-free, binary only, from the guy that does X-Plane, so I don't
think he can rebuild against xlibmesa-gl.

I've built a local copy of flightgear with xlibmesa-gl installed
(though not from flightgear's debian package) and it works fine and
gives proper ldd output for xlibmesa-gl.  The latest flightgear
package from sid still gives that error on running fgfs and with ldd,
but I think my statement about it causing 3d acceleration to not work
was incorrect - it's just very slow on my system!

It seems likely that the flightgear maintainer is building packages
with nvidia-glx installed and causing this problem.  Probably the
SpaceCombat guy is doing that too.

Life's probably too short to file a bug against flightgear on this
issue as it most likely doesn't have any impact other than a scary
error message.

> I fear that "Alistair K Phipps <debbugs3@alistairphipps.com>"'s address
> will bounce again, though.

Sorry - I change debbugsN addresses whenever I receive spam on them,
which happens very quickly after filing a report on here,
unfortunately.  I'd changed to debbugs4, deleted debbugs3 and
forgotten to update reportbug's config.  I made debbugs3 work again
for now.

Anyway... I'm pretty sure this is not xlibmesa-gl's fault, but the
fault of other packagers building against nvidia-glx, though the only
way to be sure is to CC the flightgear maintainer, which I've done.

- Alistair

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