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Bug#258399: xlibs: dvorak keyboard layout is missing right alt key

Adam C Powell IV wrote:
> On Wed, 2004-08-25 at 16:38, Branden Robinson wrote:
> > My thinking now is that to fix this I need to tackle one of the few
> > remaining TODO items for -7:
> >
> > * #256706: keep swatting away at the keyboard modifer issue; Ivan
> > Pascal told
> >   BR:
> >     There is not modifier_del instruction in 'XKB language' but ...
> >     I made a simple change for xkbcomp and now it understands an
> >     instruction
> >     like
> > 
> >        modifier_add none { <LALT> };
> >     It removes the modifier binding from the specified key.
> >     I'm sorry I forget to mention this patch in CHANGELOG but it was a
> >     part of 667 change made at Dec 18 14:14:37 2003 (i.e. it is
> >     included in 4.4.0).
> >     If your xkbcomp is later than that version it understands such
> >     instruction.

Too bad I missed that message, it would have helped me to understand
what 667 is for in #256706.

> >   So I'm thinking the fix is to apply the above, then modify the
> >   symbol maps such that (in most cases) any keys that get modifier
> >   mappings are cleared first.
> >   This solution will absolutely positively need testing.

No, original bugreport is against -4, so this is a different issue.
And 'modifier_map none' does not appear in XFree86 CVS, so shipping
files with this construct seems very risky.  OTOH incorporating 667
would be nice since users may try this syntax if everything else

> I see.  Thanks for the rapid response!  Let me know how I can help with
> testing.

What does
  $ xmodmap
  $ setxkbmap -print
display?  You told that your right alt key is missing, what does xev
tell when it is pressed?  And what is this key supposed to do in your


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