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Re: Bug#268120: Adpot Windows conventions for producing International Characters

David Wright wrote:

>> What does it have to do with gnome-applets-data?
> dpkg -S /usr/share/xmodmap/xmodmap.us returns gnome-applets-data. Do you
> not own these xmodmaps?
>> I don't see the point here. Why making things so complicated when there
>> is a simple way to do it (Multi_key) ?
> If we actually shipped a default configuration that provided ANY key
> bindings to international characters, that would be great. Once we provide
> default key bindings, why not use the windows ones?

Add this to your XF86Config unless you already have something similar,
in the InputDevice section for your keyboard:
   Option  "XkbOptions"    "compose:rwin"
now the right "windows" key is your compose (multi_key)
(i think the default mapping is shift+alt_gr which is not nice)

How to use compose?
well to get a "ä" (a umlaut) 
press compose (right win)(and release, not hold) then press "
(shift+2 on uk keyboards) then press a.
compose will combine the " and a to give you ä
also: compose then s then s, gives you ß (German ss)
or: compose then o then c, gives © (copyright char)

all composes are compose then two chars, try it.


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