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Bug#182924: xserver-xfree86: Xserver freezes on resume from suspend to disk with radeon chips and DRI enabled

On Sat, Mar 01, 2003 at 02:17:59PM +0100, Charl P. Botha wrote:
> I've thought about this, but wouldn't know how to package this for Debian,
> as Debian ships an unpatched kernel AFAICR.  Are there other packages which
> ship kernel modules?

Oh, a couple:

% apt-cache search kernel-patch | grep '^kernel-patch' | head
kernel-patch-2.2.17-vm-global - Andrea Archangeli's 2.2.17pre11 vm-global patch, modified for 2.2.17.
kernel-patch-2.2.18-openwall - patch to add extra security-related features to the linux kernel.
kernel-patch-2.2.18-vm-global - Andrea Archangeli's 2.2.18pre25 vm-global patch.
kernel-patch-2.2.19-arm - Diffs to the Linux kernel source 2.2.19 for ARM
kernel-patch-2.2.20-arm - Diffs to the Linux kernel source 2.2.20 for ARM
kernel-patch-2.2.20-ide - Andre Hedrick's IDE patch.
kernel-patch-2.2.20-m68k - Diffs to the kernel source for m68k
kernel-patch-2.2.20-p3 - Doug Ledford's 2.2.12 p3 patch, modified for 2.2.20.
kernel-patch-2.2.20-powerpc - Diffs to the kernel source for PowerPC
kernel-patch-2.2.20-raid - Ingo Molnar's patch of raid2 functionality to 2.2.x

(There are many more.)

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