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Bug#182924: xserver-xfree86: Xserver freezes on resume from suspend to disk with radeon chips and DRI enabled

On Sam, 2003-03-01 at 14:17, Charl P. Botha wrote:
> On Fri, Feb 28, 2003 at 08:34:59PM -0500, Branden Robinson wrote:
> > > LY. It will completly lock the machine. This is a known problem. Charl
> > > Botha has written a patch for this. Since it is still not included in the
> > > XF86 cvs and is also missing in XFree86 4.3 according to
> > > <http://www.mail-archive.com/devel@xfree86.org/msg00207.html> and my own
> > > experience with 4.3, I would like to have the patches applied for the
> > > Debian package xserver-xfree86.
> > > 
> > > More information about this problem can be found at
> > > <http://cpbotha.net/dri_resume.html>, patches can be found at
> > > <http://cpbotha.net/files/dri_resume/>.
> > 
> > The patch is pretty extensive; this means it may not apply cleanly given
> > all the other patches I've made to the driver for Debian's packages.
> > 
> > I may not have the patience do a lot of hand-merging, however, I will
> > give this patch a shot.  If it's too much trouble I'll let you know;
> > in that event perhaps you can mail debian-x or some other mailing list
> > and find someone with this hardware and willing to prepare a version of
> > the patch for our packages.
> Another problem is that my patch makes crucial modifications to the DRM,
> without which the Radeon XFree86 driver patches will have little or no
> effect.

As long as it doesn't have a bad effect...

Earthling Michel Dänzer (MrCooper)/ Debian GNU/Linux (powerpc) developer
XFree86 and DRI project member   /  CS student, Free Software enthusiast

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