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Bug#182924: xserver-xfree86: Xserver freezes on resume from suspend to disk with radeon chips and DRI enabled

On Sat, Mar 01, 2003 at 04:04:16PM -0500, Branden Robinson wrote:
> On Sat, Mar 01, 2003 at 02:17:59PM +0100, Charl P. Botha wrote:
> > I've thought about this, but wouldn't know how to package this for Debian,
> > as Debian ships an unpatched kernel AFAICR.  Are there other packages which
> > ship kernel modules?

I may not be able to do very much with this bug.

Charl Botha is using a mail server that has my address blacklisted.

As a matter of policy, I do not do business or correspond with people who
slanderously accuse my emails of being spam.

Someone may want to pass this along to Charl.

<c.p.botha@its.tudelft.nl>: host mailhst2.its.tudelft.nl[] said:
    553 5.3.0 E-mail refused - see http://www.dto.tudelft.nl/blacklist.htm (in
    reply to MAIL FROM command)

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