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Re: Help for consultants@debian.org

Le jeudi 09 octobre 2014, vers 20:17, Holger Wansing écrivait:
> But from time to time it should be checked, if all the consultants
> are still active; this is a huge amount of work, and I would be happy
> to receive help on that task. That could be done let's say once a year.

Ok, I can help you on that point starting with the script of Raphaël
and mine eventually (I have already done such things for Debian

> The ideal case would be, if you could write some kind of script, which
> extracts the mail addresses from the consultant.data file, so that sending
> mails to all consultants would be easy. So if you have programming skills,
> that would be a real help! (hmm, maybe Raphael has something ready for that?)
> Of course your help on processing the answers that we get on that mails
> is also welcomed.

Ok, then, I have some questions. Do you have an example of such email ?
Questions dealing such email:

From: ?
cc : ?
Subject : Are still active ?
Example to inspire the next one ?

> Additionally, let me suggest another one:
> there seems to be noone maintaining the list of CD vendors on
> https://www.debian.org/CD/vendors/
> Probably you have interest to take that over?

Sure, I can update the list and also send an email to see active CD
vendors. Maybe we could add USB key vendors as a question for the
email ? I could eventually propose a on-line survey to have more
informations ?


Alexandre Delanoë

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