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Bug#681501: Debian France on Debian's new donations page?

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Le 09/10/2014 11:37, Paul Wise a écrit :

> Could you summarise the concerns for those of us not on debconf-team?

I don’t intent to spent any time in advocating such service, but let me
at least cite a few ones. I apologize in advance to their authors if
they feel like the citation is seen out of context, msgid given so the
original message can be retrieved (there is a web archive, but it’s not
on debian.org machines. I find this web archive painful to browse,
thanks in advance if someone is able to provide an URL).

Le 31/03/2013 12:01, Moray Allan a écrit :

> I try to avoid using Paypal myself for reasons unrelated to their
> fees,

Le 01/04/2013 10:06, Daniel Kahn Gillmor a écrit :

> i used to have a paypal account.   Then, they changed their terms of
> service, and told me that i'd need to review and agree to their new
> terms of service for me to continue having an account.  I did not manage
> to make the time to do a proper review of their complex legal document
> before their deadline, so they suspended my account.  I have not felt
> the compulsion to wade through that sort of thing since then, so i don't
> have such an account any more.
> I wonder how many people have actually reviewed and agreed to the terms
> of service offered by paypal, compared to how many people have just
> "agreed" to their ToS.  I suspect the ratio is very small.  I don't
> think we do anyone any favors by further encouraging this sort of
> widespread ignorant "opt-in" to what seems likely to be a one-sided and
> arbitrary legal instrument.

Le 31/03/2013 17:01, Philip Hands a écrit :

> PayPal seem to freeze accounts on pretty dubious grounds,
> so I wouldn't necessarily trust them more.

Anyway, if we were to endorse such service, I believe
debian-project@l.d.o would be the right place to have this conversation,
not a two-year long wishlist bug report log against www.debian.org.

Le 09/10/2014 14:05, Brian Gupta a écrit :

> Please note […] pretty much every other
> like-minded organization accepts Paypal

The fact that other FOSS organizations are accepting such service is
really not a valid reason to waive this discussion (it would be like
pointing at other FOSS organizations that are advocating some licenses,
so Debian should accept them).

On Thu, Oct 9, 2014 at 11:37 PM, Paul Wise wrote:

> BTW, the page already mentions it is possible to donate to SPI via
> PayPal.

Maybe should that be fixed in the mean time.


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