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Re: Help for consultants@debian.org

On Jo, 09 oct 14, 21:11:16, Alexandre Delanoë wrote:
> Le jeudi 09 octobre 2014, vers 20:17, Holger Wansing écrivait:
> > But from time to time it should be checked, if all the consultants
> > are still active; this is a huge amount of work, and I would be happy
> > to receive help on that task. That could be done let's say once a year.
> Ok, I can help you on that point starting with the script of Raphaël
> and mine eventually (I have already done such things for Debian
> France).
> > The ideal case would be, if you could write some kind of script, which
> > extracts the mail addresses from the consultant.data file, so that sending
> > mails to all consultants would be easy. So if you have programming skills,
> > that would be a real help! (hmm, maybe Raphael has something ready for that?)
> > Of course your help on processing the answers that we get on that mails
> > is also welcomed.
> Ok, then, I have some questions. Do you have an example of such email ?
> Questions dealing such email:
> From: ?
> cc : ?
> Subject : Are still active ?
> Example to inspire the next one ?
> > Additionally, let me suggest another one:
> > 
> > there seems to be noone maintaining the list of CD vendors on
> > https://www.debian.org/CD/vendors/
> > Probably you have interest to take that over?
> Sure, I can update the list and also send an email to see active CD
> vendors. Maybe we could add USB key vendors as a question for the
> email ? I could eventually propose a on-line survey to have more
> informations ?

Hi all,

Have you considered building a common framework for handling all kind of 
submissions? CD vendors, consultants, Who's using Debian, etc. could all 
be handled with the same tools provided they are flexible enough. There 
have been discussions in the past, but nothing materialised. Some ideas 
are collected on

Kind regards,
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