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Re: Help for consultants@debian.org

Le jeudi 09 octobre 2014, vers 22:02, Holger Wansing écrivait:
> First: I did the last check for active consultants from mid to end of 2013,
> so we should wait ~ half a year IMHO, before starting another round 
> (especially since Raphael did something similar shortly right now :-) )

Ok I write this task in my agenda. I plan it for may 2015.

For the CD vendors lists, do you know when has been sent such mailing ?

> Second: you need write access to the webwml CVS repository on alioth.debian.org
> for this.


> Third: this is an example of that mails I sent:

Ok, many thanks. I keep it for the next mailing. I will use it and
validate the mail with you before sending it.


	Alexandre Delanoë

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