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Re: Help for consultants@debian.org


Alexandre Delanoë <debian@delanoe.org> wrote:
> Hello,
> I am current secretary of Debian France Trusted Organization and
> after a discussion with Raphaël Hertzog (President of Debian France
> in cc), maybe you would need help to deal with mails arriving at
> consultants@debian.org . 
> I hereby confirm I am ready to help you if you want to.

Thanks for your offer.

I have taken over the consultants some time ago, it was nearly orphaned at
that time.
Actually I am at a relative good state regarding the processing of
requests (add new consultants, remove those who have stepped back from
such service, update of data). In this regard, I do not strictly need
some help.

But from time to time it should be checked, if all the consultants
are still active; this is a huge amount of work, and I would be happy
to receive help on that task. That could be done let's say once a year.

The ideal case would be, if you could write some kind of script, which
extracts the mail addresses from the consultant.data file, so that sending
mails to all consultants would be easy. So if you have programming skills,
that would be a real help! (hmm, maybe Raphael has something ready for that?)
Of course your help on processing the answers that we get on that mails
is also welcomed.

Additionally, let me suggest another one:

there seems to be noone maintaining the list of CD vendors on
Probably you have interest to take that over?


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