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Re: (kein Betreff)

On Sun, Jun 20, 2010 at 03:37:46PM +0200, Bjarne von Horn wrote:
> Hello.
> I'd like to downloard
> libn-glib2_0.8-1 libn-glib-vpn1_0.8-1 network-manager_0.8-1
> network-manager-gnome_0.8-1
> but I can't. Are they aviable?
  This email list is about the Debian website, rather than getting help
about Debian.  

The network-manager packages are the current ones and should be
available in the usual mirrors.  The library name looks wrong to me,
perhaps you mean libnm-glib2 etc (with the 'm' after 'libn')

Diagnosing why you cannot get those files should probably be discussed
on one of the user email lists which can be found at
http://lists.debian.org/users.html as this varies depending where you
are located.  My local mirror, provided by the ISP I use, has the files
you mentioned.

 - Craig

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