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Re: Can't access Sqeeze release notes

	Hello there!

* Geoff Shang <geoff@QuiteLikely.com> [2010-06-20 22:10:44 CEST]:
> Sorry, am not on the list.

 Thanks for the notice, sending a mail copy to you directly.

> I wanted to look at upgrading to Squeeze as it has some features I'm  
> interested in.  I went to  
> http://www.debian.org/releases/squeeze/releasenotes and found the list of 
> release notes for each supported platform.  But none of the links work,  
> they all come up 404.  An example link is  
> http://www.debian.org/releases/squeeze/ia64/release-notes/
> If I should be looking somewhere else for the Squeeze release notes,  
> please let me know.  Yes I realise they are probably incomplete but  
> they're probably the best source of info in one place I'm guessing.

 They aren't ready yet and thus aren't generated now. This is mostly
because the freeze isn't in place yet and things might still change so
it's not clear what to put into there at this point in the development.

 Thanks for your interest, though!
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