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Re: [rt.debian.org #1482] move cvs.debian.org away from gluck


* Raphael Hertzog <hertzog@debian.org> [2009-06-25 09:40:28 CEST]:
> As told on IRC, I would like to avoid it as the cvs/pserver setup is
> integrated in gforge. I will try to help in case people are stuck
> after the migration to mitigate the problems...


> > > Can someome from the -www team review if everything is fine and define
> > > a date/time where we can conveniently:
> > > - do a last rsync run
> > > - change DNS
> > > - wait a bit without any commit
> > 
> >  I would throw in to disable write access on gluck just before the last
> s/just before/just after/ as rsync keeps the rights...

 Erm, no, I meant before. Otherwise it wouldn't be the "last" rsync run
- you would need to rsync it after disabling the cvs commit access to be
sure, not before.

> > rsync run and switch over. That way no commits will be able to happen on
> > the wrong host?
> Can you define a datetime for the switch ? I suggest Sunday 28th
> at 12:00 UTC. (I'm not available on saturday but maybe sgran could handle
> it if it's on saturday)

 Like I said, that's too short of a notice to inform people with a
pserver-only account and have them accepted. At least that's my personal

 For the record, I have received a list of the accounts and will try to
extract the mail addresses of the people from the commit log to contact
them. Hope to have some stats for you later today with respect to how
many people we actually are talking about, and how active they were in
recent times.

 Besides, I am offline on weekends usually, but like noted, I'm not the
only debwww group person over here - and symoon is now alioth admin too,
so he definitely can help out.

 So long!

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