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Re: [rt.debian.org #1482] move cvs.debian.org away from gluck


Am Montag, den 22.06.2009, 22:46 +0200 schrieb Raphael Hertzog:
> I have mirrored manually the repositories on Alioth in
> /srv/cvs.debian.org/ and I have moved the webwml one along all the other
> CVS repositories which are handled via the gforge web interface.
> I have setup the apache virtual host for cvs.debian.org and it works fine
> (tested by hardcoding cvs.debian.org in /etc/hosts to the alioth IP).

 Sounds great, thanks for that.

> > They will need write access using cvs pserver for non-DDs at least at
> > the start, tho they might be willing to move things over to ssh+cvs in
> > the long run.
> They have been using the webwml Alioth project for other purposes
> for quite some time so I think they can directly switch to ssh+cvs, there
> are already quite a few -guest users in the project.

 Erm, I really don't want to cut off translators on such a short notice,
I consider this to be an extremely bad idea. Can we pretty please get
some pserver transition posibility on alioth so this can be done in a
schedule that is both reasonable and doable?

> Can someome from the -www team review if everything is fine and define
> a date/time where we can conveniently:
> - do a last rsync run
> - change DNS
> - wait a bit without any commit

 I would throw in to disable write access on gluck just before the last
rsync run and switch over. That way no commits will be able to happen on
the wrong host?


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