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Debian CVS webwml transition


 [This mail goes to the debian-www mailinglist for reference and as
blind copies to the people that currently do have a pserver account to
access the webwml CVS and do *not* yet have an account in the alioth
webwml group]

 As you may (or possibly rather may not) know, webwml is the last cvs
repository on cvs.debian.org - and coming to its end of life on that
system. That's the bad news. The good news is that the people on
alioth.debian.org are willing to host us on their server.

 Here though comes the tricky part: You are currently using a pserver
account for accessing the webwml repository. This won't be possible on
alioth anymore. All access to the webwml repository on alioth will have
to use :ext: method and ssh.

 That means that you have to
a.) get an account on alioth[1], if you haven't so yet, and
b.) send a join request[2] to the webwml group.

[1] <https://alioth.debian.org/account/register.php>
[2] <https://alioth.debian.org/project/request.php?group_id=1135>

 Please *DO* fill in the comment box with at least your current pserver
account name, that will speed up processing quite much and help us to
sort things out properly.

 DSA and alioth admins wants to do the switch-over soonish so please
don't wait too long, otherwise you won't be able to commit until we got
around to process your application, and personally I would want to avoid
that to reduce the annoyance on your end. :)

 So long, and thanks for reading!
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