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Re: [Debian Wiki] handling of translations links

On Thu, 2008-03-20 at 13:37 +0100, Eric Veiras Galisson wrote:
> I just want to know what's your opinion about translations links on
> the Debian Wiki.
> For example, at the top of the English version of the page Foo you have:
> translation(s) : English - Français - German
> and at the top of the French one :
> traduction(s) : English - Français - German

translation(s) : Deutsch - English - Français

> I find it absolutely useless to have a link to self page: if you are
> reading the English version, you don't need a link to the English
> version... the same for French one.

I agree it's useless, but it doesn't hurt either.
Since I'm currently [almost] the one who is keeping those links up to
date when a page is created in a language, I intend to keep it as simple
as possible. (usually, the author of a new page only updates the english
For the same reason, I don't translate "translation(s)" : 1) I couldn't
anyway. 2) Visitors interested in translated version wouldn't understand
the word "traduction(s)" either ;)

> For the moment, it's not really important, but maybe when translations
> will grow, it could become inconvenient (space consuming).

(Space vs Time : consuming less time is more important than less space).

> Moreover, for the moment, probably because the translation namespace
> is still not defined, these links are handled manually so it's easy to
> not had a link to self translation.

It's easier to just copy and paste the same paragraph on all pages.
Removing one link manually is prone to error, therefore it's sensible to
do a preview, which is time consuming too.

> I ask this question because I have corrected some pages and some ones
> have been reverted and these links have reappeared.

I happen to be the one.
I do it because I don't want people to remove those links on one or two
translations each time I update all translated pages.

> What do you think of that?
See above ;)

tourjouman05 has added "FrontPageArabic" this week. I suggested that you
update all the 21 translated pages. (Oh, BTW, don't go too fast as
moinmoin would just consider it as abusing the wiki ! )

If you still want to maintain all those links on all pages your self,
over a long period of time, then it's fine for me.

Ok, and now the good news : Thomas Viehmann told me that he would work
on implementing automatic content negotiation for moinmoin.

Thanks for your contribution on the wiki.


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