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[Debian Wiki] handling of translations links


I just want to know what's your opinion about translations links on
the Debian Wiki.

For example, at the top of the English version of the page Foo you have:
translation(s) : English - Français - German

and at the top of the French one :
traduction(s) : English - Français - German

I find it absolutely useless to have a link to self page: if you are
reading the English version, you don't need a link to the English
version... the same for French one.
For the moment, it's not really important, but maybe when translations
will grow, it could become inconvenient (space consuming).

Moreover, for the moment, probably because the translation namespace
if still not defined, these links are handled manually so it's easy to
not had a link to self translation.

I ask this question because I have corrected some pages and some ones
have been reverted and these links have reappeared.

What do you think of that?

Eric Veiras Galisson

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