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Bug#468765: # of supported packages (was Re: Is oldstable security support duration something to be proud of?)

On Tue, 11 Mar 2008, MJ Ray wrote:
> Is it really necessary to "force a change"? 

"force" is probably too strong of a word; feel free to substitute

> Won't you compromise? I suggested a way to be proud, without the
> "such a long time" phrase.

I don't really see that there's a compromise here at all.[1] There are
two sides: proud of duration of support, and not proud of duration of

If there are sufficient people involved with the project who are not
proud of the duration so that the statement is false, it should be
changed. If not, then it should not. 

I accept that you and Filipus are not proud of the duration, but from
the responses to this discussion, you appear to be in the minority. I
don't belive further dicsussion is going to convince you or Filipus to
be proud, and it seems unlikely that I'm going to suddenly become
unproud myself, so I'll stop responding to this issue here.

Don Armstrong

1: Perhaps the closest thing to a compromise would be "some members of
the Debian project" but that seems rather silly.
This can't be happening to me. I've got tenure.
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