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Bug#468765: # of supported packages (was Re: Is oldstable security support duration something to be proud of?)

Don Armstrong <don@debian.org> wrote:
> On Tue, 11 Mar 2008, MJ Ray wrote:
> > I'm proud about the work that's been done, but I'm not proud that
> > 3.1 has security support for only a year after 4.0 was released.
> You yourself may not be, but some of us still are. Again, if there are
> enough people who aren't proud about the level of support to make the
> statement incorrect, then changing it should be considered.[1]

Again, that's a misleading demand.  I'm proud about the level of
support, but I'm not proud of the duration of support.

> However, considering the ratio of people {developers} who agree (~7
> {5}) with what it says to the people who don't (~2 {1}) in this thread
> alone, it seems unlikely that enough people disagree to cause the
> statement to be false and force a change.

Is it really necessary to "force a change"?  Won't you compromise?
I suggested a way to be proud, without the "such a long time" phrase.

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