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Re: Bug#468765: # of supported packages (was Re: Is oldstable security support duration something to be proud of?)

On Mon, 10 Mar 2008, Filipus Klutiero wrote:
> This sentence specifically talks about the duration of security
> support. Obviously there are other aspects of security support, but
> the sentence doesn't talk about that, and it's not clear that
> Debian's security support quality would be superior to others.

It doesn't matter whether the security support is superior or not, but
whether the Debian Security Team (and by extension, Debian) is proud
of being able to support a stable release for as long as they have.

Frankly, as a Developer, I'm proud that we've once again been able to
maintain a commitment to security given that everyone who is working
on it is a volunteer.

If there are serious numbers of developers and contributors who don't
feel proud about the work that's been done, then they should voice
support for some modification to the text. Until they do, though, it
should not be changed, and I don't believe any further argument is
going to convince those of us who do feel proud that we should feel
ashamed about it.
My goal is not to change people's pride level. My goal is to make sure that the sentence accurately pictures the project's pride level, and to get the sentence changed if it does not.

Now that this is explicit, there is room between "proud" and "ashamed". One can also be humble. For example, if you get 75% in an exam where the average is 75%, it would be ridiculous to brag about it, but it would be equally stupid to feel ashamed about it.

Don Armstrong

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