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Bug#468765: # of supported packages (was Re: Is oldstable security support duration something to be proud of?)

Don Armstrong <don@debian.org> wrote: [...]
> If there are serious numbers of developers and contributors who don't
> feel proud about the work that's been done, then they should voice
> support for some modification to the text. [...]

Sorry, but that's a misleading requirement.  I'm proud about the work
that's been done, but I'm not proud that 3.1 has security support for
only a year after 4.0 was released.  I'd love it if there would be
resources donated for some sort of oldstable-security team, even if
only for a subset of packages, but that's not where we are and I don't
have those resources hidden under my bed.  I guess debian makes
upgrading too easy for resourceful enterprises ;-)

Anyway, I think the phrasing "for such a long time" was ill-considered
if the times given for openSUSE and CentOS are accurate.  We seem to
be about average, which is an achievement in itself.  I suggest
replacement wording (which no-one else seems to have done yet):-

The Debian project is proud of its security team volunteers' support
of 3.1 for a year after the release of the next version.

If you don't like that, suggest another alternative without "for such
a long time" or rebut the time claims, please.

Hope that helps,
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