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Re: Inconsistency on translated pages links.


On Friday 27 April 2007 18:41, Sam Hocevar wrote:
> > >    o Not wanting to browse the Debian website in French because I'm not
> > >      satisfied with the translations but still wanting to see all other
> > >      websites in French?
> >  Invalid - please don't shut your eyes from the problems but work on
> > them.  :P

/me is quite annoyed by this comment. Been there, done that. Failed, tried 
again, failed again, tried again, etc. - Still working a bit on it 
(sometimes), but in general to me the german debian webpage is really 
deprecated. If I use it, I often either need to look up things in the english 
webpage to understand stuff, or I need to file bugs. Both is not really what 
I want to do, when I want to read something up on a webpage.

>    Sorry, no. I'd probably accept that if I was the only reader for the
> site, but I am not.

I basically just wanted to add that I too prefer to browse the Debian webpage 
in english, while (most of) the rest of the web in german.

OTOH I would accept cookies from the debian webpage(s), which is something I 
generally dont do :)


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