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Re: Inconsistency on translated pages links.

* Sam Hocevar <sam@zoy.org> [2007-04-27 16:51]:
>    Also, w.d.o may not be the only site using content-negociation, but
> since not all pages are translated you always end up seeing English at
> some point.

 Or some other language you chose.  Content negotiation works with many
languages ordered, that's the main problem with overruling it, it limits
it to only one preference.

>    This is trivially worked around by prepending a note saying "Sorry,
> the page you requested is not available in $LANGUAGE, we're showing the
> English version instead" at the top of untranslated pages.

 Alright, this is where it starts pretty dynamically, because the
content negotiation just doesn't allow that and there is no support for
custom 406 error page in apache that I know of.

>    Having a cookie to store the language choice as soon as the user
> clicks on the language name or a little flag icon,

 Please read up in the archives (even in the recent threads) about why
flags for language selection are a _very_ bad idea.

> and have this cookie override the browser content negociation settings
> seems extremely reasonable to me.

 Can you try to figure out the required ressources for that approach?
And overriding is a bad idea like I tried to point out, but it might
make partly sense with in addition to the browser setting.

>>  And what would be the reasoning behind such a wish?  How common would
>> you see such a wish?
>    o Lending my computer to my girlfriend
>    o Using a public terminal

 Valid reasons.

>    o Not wanting to browse the Debian website in French because I'm not
>      satisfied with the translations but still wanting to see all other
>      websites in French?

 Invalid - please don't shut your eyes from the problems but work on
them.  :P

>    o Using a web browser that does not support content negociation

 And what one would that be?  One from this millenium, please.

>>  I don't see much usability enhancement by that suggestion, to be
>> honest.
>    I do see much. Not sure how common my views are, though.

 It might look like much, but I'm not sure if it would be properly
doable and not let us face yet another Debian machine going down under
its load.

 So long,
P.S.: I hate my sigd.  I mean ... I don't want to discourage that
   approach, I even added some thoughts about what should be done when
   it's tried.  I'm just not really convinced that it is going to gain
   us much, if any.
Some men see things as they are and say why - I dream things that never were and
say why not.
                -- George Bernard Shaw

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