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Re: Inconsistency on translated pages links.

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Gerfried Fuchs wrote:
* NAGY Viktor <ch@elte.hu> [2007-04-23 11:09]:
These constraints are quite strict. Are there any website statistics which prove that it's really worth to maintain website mirrors and give up using server-side dynamic content?

 And what would you want to use server-side dynamic content for?  I
haven't heard of a suggestion yet that made really sense - only the
question if it could be available.  Besides, keep in mind the propable
need for a database backend, the required load performance of all that
and the bigger needs on administration and on checking the additional
used infrastructure for possible security problems.

A possible goal was mentioned in Jens' e-mail I replied: remembering user's language preference. Content negotiation and the way how language links at the bottom work generate the most complaints by visitors in debian-www list. Why would someone change the settings of their browser for w.d.o when the other multilingual sites they visited so far worked well? What if they want to change the preferred language only for a particular session? I understand your concern regarding technical complexity but usability has a price.


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