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Re: Inconsistency on translated pages links.

On Fri, Apr 27, 2007, Gerfried Fuchs wrote:

> >    Having a cookie to store the language choice as soon as the user
> > clicks on the language name or a little flag icon,
>  Please read up in the archives (even in the recent threads) about why
> flags for language selection are a _very_ bad idea.


> > and have this cookie override the browser content negociation settings
> > seems extremely reasonable to me.
>  Can you try to figure out the required ressources for that approach?
> And overriding is a bad idea like I tried to point out, but it might
> make partly sense with in addition to the browser setting.

   A user action ("let me browse this site in $LANG now") overriding the
settings does not sound like a bad idea to me.

> >    o Not wanting to browse the Debian website in French because I'm not
> >      satisfied with the translations but still wanting to see all other
> >      websites in French?
>  Invalid - please don't shut your eyes from the problems but work on
> them.  :P

   Sorry, no. I'd probably accept that if I was the only reader for the
site, but I am not.

> >    o Using a web browser that does not support content negociation
>  And what one would that be?  One from this millenium, please.

   I may have missed where it's done, but I cannot get it to work with
Liferea's integrated browser, which means w.d.o links aren't in the same
language when accessed from my RSS feeds and with my other browsers.

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