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Re: Inconsistency on translated pages links.


 Please don't send seperate mails to the list and to my private mailbox
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* NAGY Viktor <ch@elte.hu> [2007-04-27 12:18]:
> Gerfried Fuchs wrote:
>> And what would you want to use server-side dynamic content for?
> A possible goal was mentioned in Jens' e-mail I replied: remembering 
> user's language preference. Content negotiation and the way how language 
> links at the bottom work generate the most complaints by visitors in 
> debian-www list. Why would someone change the settings of their browser 
> for w.d.o when the other multilingual sites they visited so far worked 
> well?

 w.d.o isn't the only content negotiation using site out there, and I
don't see why we shouldn't try to educate the users in that way - in
fact tell them that they are lying to their browser about their
preference, so why we should let them live with a lie?

 Besides, what would you really store there?  You most propably can
store only a _single_ language after clicking such a link, and end up
with well undefined behavior if one of the following pages isn't
translated into that language and get complaints about that again.

 So rather tell them how to fix it properly, once and for all, instead
of having them stumble into the same problem later on again.

> What if they want to change the preferred language only for a
> particular session?

 And what would be the reasoning behind such a wish?  How common would
you see such a wish?

> I understand your concern regarding technical complexity but usability
> has a price.

 I don't see much usability enhancement by that suggestion, to be

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