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Re: Website Designs

On Thu, Apr 26, 2007, Manoj Srivastava wrote:

>    Merely lists which web pages are in scope -- but nothing of the
>  audience. It also hand waves at the usual goodies: unified, accessible,
>  no javascript or flash, etc.  There is nothing concrete, or anything of
>  any real substance here, when it comes to real goals or a target
>  audience. 
> [...]
>         So, since my telepathy powers are obviously on the blink, can
>  you tell me what the goals of the rewrite (apart from the 30000 foot
>  buzzwords of accessibility, browser independence, restrict javascript)
>  are? What are we trying to achieve (well, apart from look prettier, and
>  perhaps reduce information presented [not sure about the last one]).

   As far as I am concerned, looking prettier is exactly what I'd like
to be achieved, nothing more. Please consider the layout change page a
way to achieve a unified, more appealing website.

   I do not believe there is a priority conflict, since changing the
layout is almost orthogonal to reorganising the website. They can be
separate projects. In fact, the former hardly qualifies as a rewrite,
since changing the layout could be done by only changing the CSS.


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