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Re: Website Designs

On Fri, 27 Apr 2007 02:00:53 +0200, Sam Hocevar <sam@zoy.org> said: 

>    As far as I am concerned, looking prettier is exactly what I'd like
> to be achieved, nothing more. Please consider the layout change page a
> way to achieve a unified, more appealing website.

>    I do not believe there is a priority conflict, since changing the
> layout is almost orthogonal to reorganising the website. They can be
> separate projects. In fact, the former hardly qualifies as a rewrite,
> since changing the layout could be done by only changing the CSS.

        Ah.  If this is just about adding bling, and not about things
 like removing security advisories from the top page to help lambda
 users, then my interest in this efforts fade.  Please ignore the noise,
 then.  I would be interested in a functional improvement to the
 website, but am indifferent to subjective aesthetics.

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