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Re: Website Designs

On Thu, 26 Apr 2007 15:51:26 +0200, Gerfried Fuchs <alfie@ist.org> said: 

> * Manoj Srivastava <srivasta@ieee.org> [2007-04-26 00:10]:
>> So, since my telepathy powers are obviously on the blink, can you
>> tell me what the goals of the rewrite (apart from the 30000 foot
>> buzzwords of accessibility, browser independence, restrict
>> javascript) are?

>  Ah, the usual snappy Manoj as we like him ...

        Hey, I started out politely enough.  I did get a little snappish
 when I felt I was being given a run around.

>> What are we trying to achieve (well, apart from look prettier, and
>> perhaps reduce information presented [not sure about the last
one> ).

>  Can I be honest?  That would be quite a lot achieved, because that
> didn't happen over the last years at all and was regularly complained
> about, if you have followed the list not only recently.

        I care far more about function than about someones idea of what
 is pretty.  I find the Debian site pleasantly uncluttered, and, for the
 most part, highly functional (though improving navigation would be a
 good thing.

>> Frankly, function is not something I have seen discussed -- just
>> bling.

>  So it's a wiki - feel free to add your sentimentals if you think they
> belong there.


        I asked the people involved in this redesign what use cases they
 are trying to improve, who the target audience is,  and what the goals
 are of this effort.

        When one embarks on such an effort, and someone asks what the
 goals are, telling the person seeking information that they can make up
 their own goals and add it to the wiki is not really an optimal

        And, probably, most people won't like it if I went ahead and
 defined the goals of the redesign, anyway.

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