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Re: Improvements of the website

On Sun, Apr 22, 2007 at 06:10:42PM +0200, Grégoire Duchêne wrote:
> I'm sorry Jens, I was just thinking that you would probably read my
> message as an answer to the direct previous message. Please, accept my
> apologies, and let me correct this here (you can delete my previous
> message if you like) :

Don't worry, it was just a hint for you and now I'm even able to support
your opinion.

> 2007/4/22, Manoj Srivastava <srivasta@ieee.org>:
> >people who do not care about security, and refuse to be educated,
> >ought to be gently steered to Windows?
> I don't believe that this type of point of view will help us, because
> users don't want to be educated because they don't see why they should

I also think that we should try to educate our users. At least in my
opinion most tasks user consider difficult or impossible are just simple
if one (we) gives sufficient tips. Most end users are probably not
willing to compile source code but if we show that it is done by a
simple dpkg-buildpackage call (and a previous apt-get call to install
dependencies) they will be surprised and very happy. Right, in most
cases it is not necessary to compile package from source but during the
try to resolve a bug or to provide a simple workaround for a problem it
might be necessary.

These people will more likely be contributors if they know such
technical stuff, even if they start with real trivial stuff such as
checking documentation for broken links, adding translations, ...

> be educated. Well, I agree that security advisories should be kept in
> the homepage, but I don't think that we should put them in the middle
> of the page, because if we do that, they will be too many informations
> in the homepage, and users won't read them at all. So, if we want to
> educate users, we'll have to create a page with explainations about
> that.

Right. I agree that security anouncements can be removed from the top
level page. A single link such as "Security related problems are
described on this page" would be sufficient, maybe also a reference to
the last DSA instead of the last 10-15 ones.
I'm the German translator of the DSAs but I personlly don't care much
about this list, also because I do not know what packages are installed
in my system (I know manually selected packages but not the
dependencies). I just trust in "aptitude upgrade" which I call every two
or three days ...


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