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Re: Improvements of the website

Am 17.04.2007 12:00 schrieb MJ Ray:
> Hope that explains better,

Thanks! It does, but I still disagree with you in some points:

	* I don't believe we should favor XML(-ish stuff) above simplified
markup when the target audience are humans. XML is good for many things
but definitely not for being edited by the casual user. BTW there are
wiki engines which support both: simplified wiki syntax and raw HTML.
Please think of the translators: If I see an English page with an
outdated, wrong or nonresistant German translation it would be a matter
of minutes correcting this in a wiki. But in the current system the all
the technical obstacles crush on me so I forget it and just move on
without translating anything.

	* Moving even more towards a programming style environment by
suggesting gettext for translations, seems very inappropriate and would
raise the barrier for non coders even more. Translating text shouldn't
be so complicated, if it can be made as easy as editing a wiki or CMS.

	* I don't understand what you mean with "undocumented browser
dependencies". Never had a problem with any wiki and the different
graphical browsers out there. I assume you mean text based browsers?



Bastian Venthur                                      http://venthur.de
Debian Developer                                 venthur at debian org

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