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Re: Improvements of the website

Bastian Venthur <venthur@debian.org> wrote: [...]
> 	* I don't believe we should favor XML(-ish stuff) above simplified
> markup when the target audience are humans. XML is good for many things
> but definitely not for being edited by the casual user. [...]

We have good tools for editing XML, which are much better than
the tools we have for editing non-TextFormattingRules wiki texts.

> Please think of the translators: [...]

Erm, I am a translator, although I've not translated much of
www.debian.org.  It's a two minute job to edit a page on the site:
find source file, update it, edit it, check it in.  This can all be
done quite easily from the editor's menus.  CVS is so common that many
editors can work with it well.

> 	* Moving even more towards a programming style environment by
> suggesting gettext for translations, seems very inappropriate and would
> raise the barrier for non coders even more. Translating text shouldn't
> be so complicated, if it can be made as easy as editing a wiki or CMS.

Translators also have good tools for handling gettext.  What's more,
if we used gettext for more of the site, we could use nice web
translation frontends more easily.  I'm not sure it's worthwhile, but
it seems a better option than the wiki.

> 	* I don't understand what you mean with "undocumented browser
> dependencies". Never had a problem with any wiki and the different
> graphical browsers out there. I assume you mean text based browsers?

Not unless Iceweasel is suddenly a text-based browser.  My
configuration is a bit different to defaults, for various reasons, but
if the wiki documented its requirements, I expect I could set
something up quite quickly.  Instead, AFAIK, I either spend time
trial-and-erroring it, rummaging in its sources, switch computer or
just ignore wiki.d.o as broken until it's fixed.  What's easiest?
Ignore wins so far.  Thank $DEITY we have a decent access route for
editing the main web site instead of a nasty web form.

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