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Re: DebIan-Women

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From: Angela Kahealani <angela@kahealani.com>
To: Angela Fuß <angela.fuss@das-netzwerkteam.de>; debian-women <debian-women@lists.debian.org> 
Sent: Thursday, August 15, 2013 9:25 PM
Subject: Re: DebIan-Women

On Fri, Aug 16, 2013 at 01:03:10AM +0200, Angela Fuß wrote:
> Dear Angela,

Aloha sister Angel :-)

> > So, Ladies, it's time to lead. In traditional culture, it is the
> > wise feminine (within both men and women)   which gives culture and
> > society its direction, whereas the masculine "doer" within both men
> > and women, implements the ideals.   Thus, the most important role of
> > participation for Debian Women, is to constructively guide and
> > initiate "in which direction should we be growing?"
> Wow! What an inspiring and distinct mail you wrote!
> I think this is great input for the debian community!

We each do what we can to contribute to the blessing of and for all :-)

> My question is:
> Instead of having a Mini DebConf with only female speakers how would it be to have the upcoming DebConfs be prepared and led only by women? Following the question you came up with: In which direction should we be growing?

I'm going to pass on this question in the practical sense,
in that I won't be attending, so I'll skip planning it.
I did habitually attend USENIX through the mid 80's, but I'm
not much experienced with modern conventions / conferences. 

I think that one of my points was about the feminine in
both men and women, as we saw recent events here in DW list
initiated by men who expressed interest in the welfare of DW,
so no, I think that a sex or gender based in/ex-clusion is
counter to my whole point. 

It is that people have preconceptions and prejudice about
the spirits in the bodies, based on the bodies, which I was
trying to guide people to stop focussing upon. i.e. it's not
about which body somebody has but that there be some consciousness
and discussion about incorporating feminine values in all we do.
are there 'ying' and 'yang' values that Debian as a community embraces?
if there are more 'ying' values that our organizational structure can incorporate 
as well as individual members? And add them to our documentation and NM procedure.
It is the balance which brings harmony and success both within
us as individuals, and between us in relating, whether individually
or professionally.

> Would that work? How would it be?

It would be different for each individual, for we all
project our perceptions as an overlay upon the neutral facts.
Likewise individual goals and motivations may be personal,
as in those who seek acknowledgement or recognition for their
efforts, and that may be the case for many women,
overcoming a history of devaluation or invalidation
from men in their experience / environment. For many women
it won't feel safe to "present" in a predominantly yang environment.

can you suggest what a 'yang' environment contains, how we can avoid it, 
and what a 'ying' one would contain and how this can be incorporated?

It is traditional in all gatherings that 85% of attendees
are there for what they can *get* *from* others, and only
15% are there to *give* to / for the group. 

The whole new paradigm of life is to spontaneously in the moment be
creative as your own spirit motivates you, and give freely thereof in the
open source sense, from which we then all maximally benefit, so really,
the question for each individual is, what would *I* like to share at the
conference? Independent of sex or gender :-)
Would it useful to have attendees at debconf have a pentabarf field 
for 'what I plan to share/contribute'? 

Perhaps rather than a female bodies conference, what would be useful
is to include presenters addressing feminine values amongst the
various subjects addressed at conference.
if there was a listing of 'ying' and 'yang' values addressed by speakers would 
that be useful? I have no idea what that list would entail.

 As an example, aside from
the productivity software we all make use of, one of the categories of
occupation of people's attention and energies is "games"... and there is a
huge difference between the kind which men enjoy versus women enjoy.
I have no interest in anything that involves guns or killing, so I was
never a gamer until I saw announcement for the Linux client for the game
Second Life(TM).  Well, it has devolved, but spun-off of that is
OpenSim for interactive 3D worlds, which because they included full group
voice chat, were of social interest to me, but again, with feminine values.
would it be useful to add 'ying' and 'yang' aspects to debtags to allow 
people to search more easily for such things?
I'm interested in a future open source version based on feminine values of
Web-ot-Trust / Reputation, rather than hierarchical patriarchal control
structures of some centralized and ultimately abusive pseudo-authority /
corporate profit center. This being both a social issue and a software
issue, would seem to fit right in with Debian Women... how do we remove
Obama and the NSA from our on-line lives and instead have a council of wise
crones, not in control, but advising. Mentoring is a feminine value.
I have been reading a book on such things as WoT, I had not considered its possible 
gendered perspective. It would be interesting to see one that described a different model of WoT with different assumptions and attack surfaces.
> Greets from Angela 

Greetings sister :-)
May your life be blessed with light and love, graceful easy flow.

Aloha, Angela Kahealani

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