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Re: DebIan-Women

Dear Angela,

> So, Ladies, it's time to lead. In traditional culture, it is the
> wise feminine (within both men and women)   which gives culture and
> society its direction, whereas the masculine "doer" within both men
> and women, implements the ideals.   Thus, the most important role of
> participation for Debian Women, is to constructively guide and
> initiate "in which direction should we be growing?"

Wow! What an inspiring and distinct mail you wrote!

I think this is great input for the debian community!

My question is:
Instead of having a Mini DebConf with only female speakers how would it be to have the upcoming DebConfs be prepared and led only by women? Following the question you came up with: In which direction should we be growing?

Would that work? How would it be?

Greets from Angela 

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